Value Added Producer Grant

One of the greatest struggles Veteran Farms in Maine face is the ability to make a living wage from farming alone. Most have to work off the farm to make ends meet and have enough cash flow for improvements and necessary purchases for a successful farm. Many also produce goods for their own consumption but don’t have a licensed home kitchen where harvest can turn into profitable value added products. Our goal is to increase revenue for individual veteran farms with the Value Added Producer Grant to help establish a licensed home kitchen or commercial kitchen. Our hope is to ease the cost burden and stress associated with the licensing process, provide guidance for the licensing process, and promote veteran made products. 


This grant application is open to UFVM members actively applying for a home kitchen license. Up to $500 may be awarded. The amount received will be paid at the time of licensing and will not exceed actual costs for licensing. This includes the licensing application fee, water testing fee, and product testing if applicable. 


Grant Process

The application for the United Farmer Veterans of Maine Value Added Producer Grant is open year round while funds are available. Once the application is submitted, the board members of UFVM will review submissions and have a response for completed applications within five (5) weeks. Members who are selected as Value Added Producer Grant recipient have six (6) months to use their award as outlined in their application or risk losing it to another farmer veteran.


Recipients will keep receipts for fees associated with application fees for licenses, product sampling, and water testing. All third-party vendors for water testing must be approved by the State of Maine licensing department. Receipts must be turned in to UFVM who will directly pay the veteran farm after licensing has been obtained from the State of Maine and proof provided by the veteran farm.



  1. Must be a member of United Farmer Veterans of Maine. (Not a member? Join today!)

  2. You, or a family member within the same household, have served or are currently serving in any branch of the United States Military.

  3. Received an "Honorable" characterization of service upon discharge from the military. Other characterizations of service may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

  4. Must have an agricultural business in operation.


Award will be given one time per veteran and/or their immediate family member in the same household. 

Grant Breakdown

Grant Application

Application is based on military service, vision and goals for the future of their business, and membership with UFVM. Current members can log in to their UFVM account to access the grant application information. Not a member? Join today!