MaineGrown by Vets

The MaineGrown by Vets label distinguishes veteran-produced products and services that meet or exceed UFVM standards of excellence and quality.


Only member veterans may incorporate it in their marketing and packaging. The Maine Department of Agriculture has recognized the UFVM and the MaineGrown by Vets label in association with the state’s marketing and promotion of Maine products. The label helps consumers identify opportunities to buy our veteran member products and services thereby supporting their service and our cause.


We will grow this brand going forward in our marketing and publicity programs for the benefit of members and consumers alike. It is a unique distinction and advantage our members receive.

Education & Advocacy

UFVM periodically holds workshops and on-location demonstrations and training for members and prospective new veteran farmers.


In 2017 we were selected to host the week-long NCAT Armed To Farm Sustainable Agriculture Training for Military Veterans. This free multi-day programs include a mix of educational classes — covering topics such as risk management, business planning, and marketing — and hands-on activities at successful livestock, crop and agritourism operations. 

In 2018 a small core of UFVM volunteers with great community support worked tirelessly for 85 days to build a small cabin for a veteran and retired organic farmer, making it possible for him to spend his last years on the land that he loves.